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For Buyers

Buyers Inspection Prep list

* This type of inspection would normally take place after a sales agreement has been bilaterally agreed to and has the contingency of a home inspection. Meaning if you have a sales agreement on a house you are buying and you need an inspection this section is for you.

1. Please prepare to spend 2-4 hours with us to inspect the property, we prefer to have you with us during your inspection but are able to proceed without you in the event you are unable to attend. You will get more from the inspection process if you are there with us during the inspection.

2. We accept payment in the form of cash of check, please be preparred to pay for services at the beginning of the inspection process.

3. We would like your inspection experience with us to "inform" you as a home owner. Please do not hesitate to ask questions during the inspection or follow us through the property as we are conducting our inspection.